Discover our premium storage building, meticulously designed to optimize organization and protect your belongings. Crafted with durable materials and weather-resistant features, it offers ample space for all your storage needs. With customizable options, it’s the perfect solution for keeping your items safe and accessible year-round.


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As an authorized seller for Quality Storage Buildings, manufactured in Alexandria, South Dakota, we offer a wide range of durable and customizable solutions to meet your storage needs.

If you need an easy and affordable payment plan, Quality Storage Buildings offers a rent-to-own program with low interest rates and easy payments.


A shed is the easiest way to keep your belongings dry and organized. With the added benefit of durability, our sheds ensure that your items stay protected and easily accessible in any weather conditions.


From classics to cargo vans, provide a secure sanctuary for your vehicles by utilizing our dependable storage options. With proper protection, you can preserve the condition and value of your cars, trucks, or vans for years to come.


Prefab cabins and tiny homes offer a solution for those seeking a cozy living space with minimal construction effort. These pre-built dwellings make an excellent choice for a retreat space, hunting cabin and much more. 


We offer both single and double run options in our kennel facilities. These kennels feature enclosed areas designed to shelter your furry friend from the elements. Additionally, they provide ample space for storing their food, toys, and other supplies.


Quaker-style chicken coops offer not just visually appealing architecture but also spacious accommodations for your flock. Featuring numerous windows and multiple nests, these coops ensure your chickens have ample space to lay eggs and roost comfortably.


Our charming wooden playhouses are designed to capture the essence of a quaint country home, giving children the delightful experience of owning their own little abode. These structures invite children to immerse themselves in imaginative play and bask in the joy of outdoor adventures every time they step inside.

Can’t find what you need? Design your own with Quality Storage Building’s 3D Shed Builder.